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Wearable LED flashlight

Wearable LED flashlight more...
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Product Name: Wearable LED flashlight
Category: Fluorescent lamps
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Supplier: (*)Bella Guo
Product Subtype: New product
Wearable LED flashlight
Wearable LED flashlight

I'd like to recommend you our wearable LED Flashlight (LED Torch) . This is a new

designed LED light with our own patent, it is the first and the only wearable LED light that you

can find in the world market now. You can wear it anywhere on you clothes! It is suitable for

those who need to operate in a dark enviorment with two hand totally free to hold something,

such as cleaner in night turn, outdoor worker to repair or check equipment, housewife who

takes basket walking outdoor etc....It doesn't need to be fixed and then to be taken off

frequently like what we do to the normal head flashlight, it can be just left on the clothes as if it

is a badge. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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